Primrose Newborn Care
personalized home care for mothers and infants




In-home services for newborns and infants include pediatric visits, jaundice checks, weight checks, NICU follow-up visits, and assistance with lactation. Home visits focus on topics related to newborn care, including feeding, safe sleep, colic, and screening new moms for postpartum depression, but are tailored to families’ individual needs, i.e. having a premature baby.  Special NICU graduate packages available after consultation. Dr. Madden is also available to her clients, 24/7, for house calls for minor illnesses.

New in 2019: Newborn medicine online video consults (telemedicine) available in Ohio. To schedule a video visit please follow this link.

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typical initial Home Visit (1 hour visit)

Includes the following:

  • Detailed review of pregnancy and birth history

  • Feeding and nutrition assessment (support all types of feeding)

  • Physical exam, weight, and length of infant

  • Jaundice check

  • Discussion about safe sleep

  • Screening for parent well-being and postpartum depression

  • Referrals to community and medical resources as needed

  • Unlimited follow-up via phone, text, and email after visit

  • Written report and/or phone call to pediatrician after completion of visit

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Follow-up visits At home (30 Minute visits)

Scheduled according to families’ individual needs.

Multi-visit NICU graduate packages available (arranged after phone call with Dr. Madden).

Gift certificates for 1-hour visits can be purchased and given as baby shower gifts. 

Invoices can be submitted for insurance reimbursement for out-of-network costs or to one’s Health Spending Account (HSA).