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Unlimited Phone Call, Text, and Email Packages Now Available

I am excited to announce that I am now offering parents the option to purchase a package that includes phone calls, text messages, and emails with me. This service, which gives parents unlimited access to me for newborn and neonatology advice and guidance, can be purchased in one-week intervals. Thus far I have been able to provide advice and guidance to parents via phone/text/email in all of the following areas: newborn sleep, jaundice, breastfeeding, formula, feeding intolerance, reflux, diaper rashes, thrush, tongue ties, and postpartum depression.

My new phone/text/email service is meant to be a supplement to newborns’ pediatric care through their primary care physicians (it is not intended to replace one’s pediatrician). I contact my clients’ pediatricians and family practice doctors with necessary updates from our communications.

Please call 216-313-2016, or email me at, for more information and/or to purchase unlimited phone/text/email packages. Those who purchase more than 2 weeks of my unlimited service at a time will receive a discount.